Gib Ekans


Born as the only child to the aristocratic couple Coheed and Cambria Ekans, Gib was destined for greatness. From a very early age Gib’s parents noticed he had an extraordinary propensity for learning new subjects at an enhanced rate, so they sent him away from Camper Velorium, his childhood home, at age seven to study at the Kilgannon School for Gifted Youngsters. Under the tutelage of Grannicus Kilgannon, Gib and the other young, gifted minds were taught in the fields of math, science, philosophy, and history for an entire decade. By the end of his tutelage under Grannicus, Gib had showed himself to be one of the newest, brightest minds in all the Fortis Empire.

While at the School, Gib also the met the love of his life: Ambellina Prise. She was the only person in Gib’s class that could nearly match him in wits and intelligence, a characteristic that, when combined with her indelible personality and graceful beauty, made Gib fall madly in love with her. The two began a courtship during their time at school, and both kept a faithful correspondence to one another when they returned home. In his last letter, Gib promised to return to Ambellina and marry her upon completing his education at military school.

As was custom for most young men in the Fortis Empire, Gib went on to attend one of the many military academies. Due to his aristocratic upbringing, Gib’s was able to enroll in the most prestigious military institute in the entire empire. Gib started his education at the favored House Atlantic College of Military Excellence at the age of 18 and quickly found his calling to become a military engineer, a natural fit with his schooling background.

It has been two years since Gib enrolled at the House Atlantic, and, like before, he has shot to the head of his class. Gib’s mastery over battlefield equipment is unparalleled, and he has a knack for quick-time problem solving and material management. In his spare time, Gib devotes himself to research with his good friend, Rac E’Car. The two have begun preliminary work on a device that is able to perform basic arithmetic computations. Gib is convinced that such a computational workstation has the potential to change the world.

“Dear Ambellina, the Prise wishes you to watch over me.”

Gib Ekans

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