Marco d'Medici

Money. That's all you need to know.


“Three things will always be constant in your life, son. Gold will always be king, the ocean will always surprise you, and your mother will always be a whore.” These are the first words of advice Cosimo de’ Medici gave to his son, Marco. Raised by his father after his mother stole away with a rather large portion of Cosimo’s wealth, and his best sea captain for that matter, Marco led a life that was lived mostly on the sea. His first toys were a scale for weighing spices and a quill for filling ledgers and he learned how to use them well. It took Marco a whole three hours to devise a way to rig his scale to boost his profits 10%, which gave his father great pride…after he took his cut of course.

As a Medici, Marco acquired his fathers taste for class and culture. Art, music, and architecture went hand in hand with the families blossoming trading franchise; it has been said that a Medici’s thirst for fine art is second only to his thirst for gold. Thankfully the one can feed the other.

Marco is now in his mid-twenties and has spent 20 years on the sea and 10 years at the helm of a ship. He has become one of his fathers most trusted captains and, due to his shrewd trading talents, has earned the title of the “Jackal of Jeros” by merchants from Skye to the Imperial City. Although he is usually well mannered, he has certainly had his share of trouble. A small flirtation with one, or perhaps three, of the daughters of the leading man of Southpoint has prevented Marco from leaving his ship when he docks in their port. This of course has not stopped the one, or three, romances from keeping a very…lively flavor. But in the end, Marco trusts women as much as his father; that is to say, not at all.

But, just like his father, Marco has only ever given himself to one woman: Gold. Maybe Marco has it in him to be more than an avaricious aristocrat like his father, maybe life will become more than a quest for gold and power, but maybe he will give in to the temptations that overcame his father and be swallowed into a life of ledgers, status, and galas.

Marco d'Medici

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