“It’s judgment day and court is in session.”


There was a man with no name who lived in the slums of the Fortis Empire, a place where the people with power gain and the weak dwindle. The man lived by his own rules and others suffered for his decisions. One fateful day the man, who had previously stolen from the poor and lived off the scraps of the rich, had something finally stolen from him, his life. The man was killed by a shadowy figure in the night and as the darkness consumed him, he found himself in room of light and dark, of fire and ice, of good and of evil. He then realized the stories the priests had preached and taught were true, and that this was his day of Judgement. A light filled the room, when a voice shook it through its core. The voice explained to the man what he was guilty of and as the words were spoken the sick darkness inside the man began to leave his body. The thick black fog of waste had nearly filled the room by the time his body was completely cleansed. The man now stood clean and pure. The man who had felt nothing before this day now felt everything; every sin committed by the people of Kantros pierced his body like knives. Through this pain he could feel what not only the sins he committed against others, but now he could feel the presence of sin as a whole. The voice cleansed his mind of the memories from his passed life and gave him the knowledge and skills to cleanse Kantros of its vile corruption. With a body pure of all sickness and full of strength, intelligence, and dexterity, the once evil man had been born anew. He was given the name Lazarus and a code to follow as he cleanses Kantros known as Abram’s Code. This law bonded to his body explains the mission Lazarus must now embark on and the way he must dispose of the evil. He may only kill those of which who have purposely killed and have the intent to kill again, he must also cleanse them of their sins and claim them as his own. Once his mission is finished he will be punished for the sins of those who brought evil into Kantros.
Lazarus is now a Holy weapon that still resides in Fortis Empire striking down and saving the sinners of the area with a group of men and women. This group is known as The White-Hand. The empire has been almost completely cleansed and it is time for Lazarus to move on and continue his mission, by any means necessary.


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